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I take inspiration from so many things around me.  I feel constrained working in only one particular field so below I have organised my work into four separate categories, With the hope of adding an element of organisation into my spontaneous and sometimes chaotic way of working! I jump for one subject to the next and always work on more then one painting at a time.

I grew up in a house with the sounds of the sixties bouncing off the walls and this has and will forever inspire my love of music, especially the rock ’n’ roll of that era and the freedom of thought that it encouraged. I love to paint the idols that helped bring this free way of thinking forward smashing through social boundaries.

Then of course there is my feminist side that I also combine with a spiritual path that has found a way to wind through my life. It is through my Goddess collection that I celebrate this and the inner goddess that lives inside us all. For me painting is a very spiritual act that mimics life and allows ourselves to feel and be free. Freedom of thought promotes creativity and creativity promotes freedom of thought.
In the end this is for me the most important element to my work. To  feel free and to help others feel free.

Portraiture is my first love and I think always will be. I am in love with people – trying to capture them on canvas, not just to recreate a likeness but to evoke something of their nature with my brush.

I had never been moved to paint Landscapes until I moved to Spain. Of course there are stunning Landscapes in the Uk but I am not somebody who enjoys cold weather and that had always put me off. However the Mediterranean Landscapes that sit outside my window call  me to paint them and there is nothing I love more than working outdoors with the sun beating down on my back.