Jimi Hendrix once said, 

‘You have to give people something to dream on’.

I paint to remind people to be free,

to live their dreams.

This collection is centred around Rock ‘n’ Roll  culture. I focus on portraits of characters  that have shaped society. Music culture especially fascinates me as it is an obtainable art form that touches everybody. It has a loud voice that can disrupt society, inspire free thinking and break the system, influencing daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. 

I take my main inspiration from musicians that have made a mark on society, whose music has penetrated our souls with their sound. It is a sound that has the ability to take us to the brink of ecstasy or suicide, a sound that screams for the human soul to look at its true nature, touching the darkest and brightest emotions. It is this fundamental quality that I bring to my canvas.