Julia Evans has years of experience teaching complete beginners with outstanding results. She believes that everybody has the ability to paint and draw – they just need to be shown how.

Learn to paint with Julia Evans

The key to good art is Freedom

The key to freedom is courage

Julia Evans has years of experience teaching artists of all levels of abality with outstanding results. Her specialism is teaching complete beginners. She believes that everybody has the ability to paint and draw –they just need to be shown how.

Julia uses revolutionary teaching methods guiding her students with a step by step process. Julia starts by showing her artists skills and techniques focusing on the structure and process of painting and drawing, giving students the confidence to produce final pieces right from the beginning of their training. When stage one is complete, students will move down a more spiritual pathway, opening doors allowing creativity to flow.

Julia has taught hundreds of artists over the last decade. Many of those started as complete beginners and have now moved on to become selling artists, producing wonderful work and have discovered fulfilment and joy through their work.

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Painting Holidays in Spain run by Julia Evans. Tuition from prize winning artists. Stay in a luxury villa with a studio on site.

ArtHouse is a school run by Julia Evans in Spain. Art classes are held daily for all levels of ability.

Example of Students work

The work below is examples of first and second paintings by students who had never picked up a paint brush before coming to Julia for classes

Learning to create with

Julia Evans

Learn the basics in a friendly environment while Julia builds your confidence whilst teaching you all the skills you will need to produce impressive finished pieces and start your artistic journey.

Drawing and painting is easy. Julia will show you the secrets behind brushstrokes, breaking it down into simple step by step instructions.

You will start  with drawing exercises that will allow you to understand basic properties of producing any piece of artwork

“I believe that good art is a perfect balance between the heart and the head. I teach my students a variety of skills allowing them to understand the technical aspects of creating art.  I then focus on the emotional and spiritual side of creativity ,opening doors enabling individual expression to flourish.

I work with step by step guidance, gently taking you though a personal artistic journey that is nurturing for the mind, body and soul.”

Not only do I hold daily classes and art holidays but I will also hold classes and art groups at your home and offer packages for hotels and retreats. If I am unavailable I have a team of wonderful artists, all of whom are expierenced tutors aswell as being prize winning artists.

I structure courses to the individual needs of the client, so If you are interested in any of the options below please contact me directly for more information and I will create a course, day workshop or party for your specific needs.  Prices start from 15€ per person and generally all materials are included.

Weekly Classes

Julia Runs ArtHouse, a school for painting in the beautiful village of Benidoleig. Classes are held Monday-Friday 10:30 – 13:30.

For all info on ArtHouse go to www.arthousespain.com


The courses also work very well for groups in hotels, offering one day worships and three hour classes for those visiting Spain.

Art Holidays

Based in Spain artists will stay in  luxury villa with a studio on site. Courses are available for all levels of ability

To learn more about Art Holidays go to www.artholidayspain.com

Art Parties

A unique alternative for a gathering or party. Create great art while you drink eat and enjoy.

Home Tuition

I offer one off workshops and classes that can be attended in the comfort of your own home, an alternative and fun idea for a party or gathering.


My teaching has a strong spiritual element so works perfectly in retreat and well being environments. Art feeds the soul and can be used as a meditative and therapeutic practice.

Portrait in Spain

Discover your hidden talents in a calming and beautiful Spainish village Learn more about ArtHouseLearn more about Art Holidays